Saturday 30 November 2013

I finally saw Gravity today. For those of you who have missed out on this film it’s essentially an animated comedy about Isaac Newton’s discovery of the titular gravity. What’s caused all the fuss is the computer generation of the apple, voiced by Eddie Murphy. Not to mention the casting of Miley Cyrus as Sir Isaac Newton.

Not all of that is accurate. I did see Gravity today. That’s about the end of the truth in the first paragraph. Gravity is, though, different things to different people – like the shapeshifting alien in the Red Dwarf episode, Camille (now who’s a loser?).

To some people it is a cinematic poem regarding the nature of life and death and how we deal with it. Some may see it as a straight thriller (in space). To others it’s a modern sci-fi classic. Mark Kermode pointed out it has a feel of a buddy-cop film at times. It’s also the latest example of computers synthesising reality on film to, at (many) times, awe-inspiring effect.

Visuals aside this wasn’t quite the film the hype had suggested. Odd that isn’t it? Every time I wait a few weeks to see a film that is getting hyped a lot I end up being disappointed. I would love to step outside the hype but hype is now central to the fabric of everything. And I really like getting caught up in excitement about things. And if you didn’t get that, I just described hype.

But it doesn’t half inflate one’s expectations. So I ended up feeling a bit short-changed by a good film that looked amazing with a couple of great performances by the leads. It’s definitely a solid 7/10 film and yet the evil hype machine left me feeling a bit like I’d seen a 4/10 film (for a bit and then my mind adjusted its horizontal and vertical hold and I realised I had indeed quite enjoyed it). It even made 3D seem to have a place.

What am I saying? Don’t listen to people like me saying you should go and see it but you should go and see it. But don’t blame me if you don’t like it. I only said 7/10.

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