Sunday 17 November 2013

Radio Three Europe

I don’t know how this is becoming a habit but it has happened again, I am lying in the bath listening to Radio 3 and it’s not an accident. And yes, Radox is involved.

I don’d mind a piano concerto, that’s true enough. In fact I can do most classical music that doesn’t involve a vocal. That’s a bit opera for me. And despite occasionally getting fascinated by a specific opera, I am generally not that interested in that particular art form.

That aside, Radio 3 has a major advantage over most radio stations: the DJs are not fucking annoying pricks banging on about shit that highlights themselves as exactly the kind of person who SHOULD NOT be speaking for extended periods on any platform. Somehow this kind of person seems to have been elevated to positions that demand this. Like Grimmy or whatever the cunt’s called.

The presenters of Radio 3 shows just say things like, “And that was a concerto in D Minor by Glackform Düpert made in 1962 with the Prague Philharmonic. Which brings us nicely to this sonata in G from the other side of the D scale – and the other side of Europe, Spain’s Niemonci Quizzizio was the residing conductor with the Istanbul Shoe Shop Owners Choir when he struck up a friendship with general secretray of the ISSC and cello master Bulut Bulut. The results were twofold – platonic love and a series of recordings made between 1948 and 1952 that rank amongst Turkey’s finest cello works. This is from their 1950 masterpiece Shoes Part VI Sole Concerto 9.”

The Only Way is Netherfield

Ever one with my finger on the pulse tonight I sat down and watched the opening couple of episodes of Pride and Prejudice. The BBC series from 1995. It’s very good isn’t it? Someone should have made a fuss about it at some stage so I’d have known.

It was neither pride nor prejudice that put me off watching it. Maybe prejudice, but just of popular things  – not costume dramas, I have nothing against those. I have read the book, yes you should look impressed.

Watching these episodes it struck me how similar to your shows like Geordie Shore it was. It was all about pulling and little else. Isn’t everything, if it’s any good? I am sure someone has done a Jane Austen/modern reality show type parody. But if they haven’t, maybe they should. There, I’ve said it.

Darcy is a bit of alright isn’t he? I wouldn’t mind but loads of people like him but I stand about sulking with big lamb chops and everybody just tells me to stop being a miserable bastard. Hypocrites.

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