Wednesday 13 November 2013

Fair be it from me to defend Jordan but I think this piece is a bit harsh. It could at least do with deciding what it wants to be. Is it a hatchet piece mocking her? Or is reporting on a woman who didn’t let her fans down despite having an ill child? Or is it a schizophrenic piece of local journalism that can’t decide whether it thinks it is better than Jordan or in need of her fame to attract readers?

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The opening paragraph seems to set its stall out:

Fewer than 30 people queued to meet Katie Price at her fragrance signing in Bolton – and she responded by ordering out photographers and refusing to come out of a back room.

Meow. I don’t think there is much ambiguity in the above paragraph. Because there was a meagre showing Katie ‘Jordan’ Price was in a huff. (No-one is given a by-line: the power of anonymity).

The “short queue” (OK WE GET IT!) were there to get K”J”P’s fragrance. Not sure how one signs a fragrance. The nameless journalist tells us that at after refusing to come out Jordan then refuses to come out at all. What about her dedicated fans? Aren’t they going to be disappointed at the snub? Well, no. Not really as it is clear that Jordan did see the people in a room at the store. So, if we accept the only people here who ‘deserve’ anything or the fans who came to see her and they all got seen, what’s the beef?

The sixth paragraph says,

A member of Katie’s management team said the mother-of-four could not come on the shop floor as her three-month-old baby Jett was poorly with a temperature.

But what about that bit where the bit given more prominence where it was heavily implicated that Jordan was being an arse because she can only attract under 30 people to a Bolton supermarket fragrance signing?

Fair fucks for this paragraph, mind:

The strong-smelling, musky scent comes in a lipstick-red bottle, which the former Page 3 model said she designed to represent her “flirty yet innocent” side.

Odd that Jordan should design a fragrance that represents a side of her of which no-one is aware (because it doesn’t exist). And “One punter said it smelled just like Brut.” Funny how the person saying something mean is just a ‘punter’ but the people saying the nice things are happy to have their name, age and place of residence.

Ah…those fans who happy to be named. I’m not copying any of that content in. They seem like the kind of people who might google themselves – or even their quotes and hunt me down and kill me. Needless to say the main quoted fan does sound a bit strange. It’s almost like the writer wanted to be able to say they had balanced out the article with the positive stuff.

The well-rounded piece finishes by quoting a 13-year-old confirming that this was the first time she had met Jordan. Great stuff.

I am all for people having a go at Jordan for many things she says or does. But this just seems a bit unnecessary. You know In soap operas where a bitch character hangs about the bar to say something mean to people or just walks around looking to be mean to everyone? That’s journalism like this.

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