Sunday 10 November 2013

Although I have recently rediscovered a fondness for bathing I wouldn’t say I am enjoying having one a day while we are waiting for the damp around the shower to dry out (so they can repair the leeks in the shower). My main struggle with it all is that I like having a little read in the bath but I don’t like doing anything in silence. And music distracts me from reading. You can see the bind I am in with this situations.

Today I try something different. Radio Three different. There is some choral music going on. This is good. There is something nice about choirs in the winter. I know that there is probably something religious about this music but I can’t really tell what so I give it a go and relax into the Radox and start reading Mark Kermode moan about film reviewing. And it’s working until the choir music stops and a man starts talking about God and stuff. I knew that choir was religious! They’re in a church. The man doesn’t talk for long and then the choir start singing again and I manage to not let it bother me that it’s religious and read my book again (he bloody loves moaning about things, Kermode).

Then the man starts talking again. This one goes on a bit longer than the last one. He’s talking about Jesus (change the record). Apparently this guy Peter asked him how many times he should forgive one of his brothers if he sinned against him, he meant brothers as in members of Jesus’ cult not male siblings or black fellas in America. His guess is seven times, seven times he should forgive a friend. It’s not stipulated what level of sin we’re talking about here but seven doesn’t seem like a lot if we’re not talking about the biggies.

Jesus blows this out of the water by saying yeah, seven time: only fucking seven TIMES SEVENTY times you should forgive a friend. That’s 490 times for those of you who struggle with math. Sure that does sound a lot of times to forgive someone but it’s only forgiving someone once a week for ten years. That’s not a lot really. It’s not a lot to have as the maximum number of times to forgive someone. So much for tolerance, Jesus!

The internet tells me that this ‘seven times seventy’ form Jesus is supposed to mean that it’s a massive, incalculable number you should forgive a friend. This is why The Bible should be taken with a pinch of salt, 490 is the biblical equivalent of infinity. We have the concept of something going on forever – and the biblical equivalent couldn’t even count the teabags in a large pack of Tetley teabags.

Jesus’ goes on, according to this vicar, that there was this rich landowner who was going to put a servant in prison for owing him money. But he takes pity on him and lets him off with the debt. Then the freed servant sees a servant who owes him money and he doesn’t let him off with the debt, sending him to prison until the debt is repaid.  Some other servants grass him up to the landowner who then gets the original servant back in and says because he didn’t be kind with his debts, as he had with him, that he was going to torture him until he repaid his debts.

This parable was meant to show that people will be tortured if they aren’t nice to everyone. Or something. Jesus ruled with an iron fist eh? And what’s with a servant lending money off his master? Or a servant who lends money lending money to another servant? It all sounds a bit Royal Bank of Scotland (pre bailout and post bailout) if you ask me. And how are people meant to pay off a debt if they are in jail/being tortured? Yes, put them in prison or torture them if they don’t repay their debt but to do either UNTIL they repay the debt. The kind of people who make money by being tortured aren’t generally servants in biblical times (he’s talking about whores – non subtlety ed)

I’m not making this up, it’s Matthew 18:20 or something.

Not for the first time I preferred people singing to someone using a story about really, really old fashioned people to inspire me to be a better person. And on a Sunday…I can’t think of a less appropriate day for someone to get all preachy about religion.

How’s About This for  A Great Looking Toy?

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