Monday 04 November 2013

What the fuck?

How selfish is the Co-Op bank? It’s only been about a year since I changed from HSBC (for ethical reasons) and now I am faced with more ethical dilemmas.

The bank is being saved by American hedge funds and questions are being asked about whether the bank can maintain its ethical stance while being managed by a secretive hedge fund group from Wall Street. But if I move my banking business then I could be a part of the move away from the Co-Op that will lead to people losing their jobs and possibly getting angry about losing their jobs and hitting me in the mouth when they’re drunk.

As well as well as the implications this could have on my finance (seriously it’s zero: I have no finances) it’s also meant that I’ve been obliged to read two or three articles about this today. That’s right, I’VE HAD TO SPEND DOWNWARDS OF EIGHT MINUTES reading about banking – with a possible extra two minutes googling what a few of the words meant.

Has no-one thought of the position this puts me in? Clearly not thinking about this whole thing annoying me proves that the bank has already lost sight of what really matters: me.

Part of the survival seems to be cutting lots of branches and staff. That’s always been a part of a wider growth plan that has been successful in the past.

Seriously though. It’s time to get my money out isn’t it? I’m going to feel terrible if the bank collapses and I lose the £37.09 I have in an ISA.

Of course I could ride through the storm. If there’s one thing shady Wall Street hedge funds know it’s making shit pots of cash. And that money is always passed on to the customer, I’ll be laughing all the way from the bank.

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