Sunday 03 November 2013

At 10.30 on a Sunday morning I am likely to be awake. Just. Today I did been awake about two and a half hours, including going for a run (in the rain).

There’s chemicals released when you do exercise. Combine this with the sense of smug self-satisfaction having achieved anything and I felt like a god, challenging the world to an arm wrestle. OK, I haven’t cured anything or invented anything – but it was reasonably early on a Sunday and I’d done something not very significant. Achiever.

I started planning all the things I could do with the vast expanse of a day that I had before me. I have lots of things around my home that need sorting. I have hundreds of hours of films and TVs unseen. Ideas to write. Books to read. Newspapers to absorb. With this freshness I was experiencing I could achieve anything.

So I watched Star Wars (the proper one, Episode IV) which I have only seen a gazillion times before. Then fell asleep a little. Then dozed a bit while listening to a podcast. At some point I managed to put some clothes in the washing machine. And later I did the washing up.

I did watch Downton’The Observer TV preview for today suggested that the show was suffering from poor storylines. One of tonight’s main plots was about rehydrating some pigs. Hello The Observer??? Poor stories?? They gave some pigs some water. If it’s not international terrorism stereotypes being subverted TV critics don’t want to know anymore.

My mood was lifted during one of the advertisement breaks when I saw on advert for a show that will determine Britain’s favourite Elvis song. Thank fuck for that. I’ve spent years wondering what an inaccurate poll on a TV show would suggest was Britain’s favourite Elvis song because what I think means nothing to me and I want to know what everyone else thinks while someone like Sarah Millican talks shit about Heartbreak Hotel.

Great start to a Sunday built on effectively.

And I definitely wasn’t wearing a onesie. Not at all.


Today’s Non-Specific Memory from A Holiday:

I think one of the most frustrating times I’ve had in my life was when I was abroad several years ago and I couldn’t find the @ key because it’s in a different place on some overseas keyboards. Trying to log into anything web based without the @ key is pretty much impossible.

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