Friday 01 November 2013

I don’t really understand a phrase like moral compass. I am not pretending to not have values. I just don’t like the word morals. Morals should be each individual’s set of values but, like most things, some people agree on things and then say everyone should share their morals. This isn’t a barbed attack on religion, there are plenty of people who aren’t religious who try to force their values on other people.

I couldn’t give a fuck what you get up to; what I get up to is none of your fucking business. That would be my headline summary. I think people who judge other people should take a look in the mirror.  General society: OK to make someone out a monster if they have sex with someone who isn’t their partner, also OK to be fine with someone being a  passive-aggressive bully of people – but hey, they don’t like sex so don’t have it with anyone so can judge anyone.

But if people ask me for my opinion on something I think they get a pretty decent opinion without too much judgement. I take the context of something into account. You got really angry and smashed up  a room? That’s not great but there was a reason and you know it was wrong and you’re apologising. OK, move on then. Better still? Don’t tell me, relieving your guilt by making someone else miserable is one of the extreme acts of being selfish that has been dressed up something noble.

Going over shit again and again and again tends not to solve something unless there is new information each time that moves it on. Just get on with it, people fuck up in so many ways. And all the different ways affect people different ways. You’ve been fucking my brother? I don’t care. You used my iPad? Get out of my life.

So, I think people should get over stuff quickly and not bring up the past. There’s always exceptions. I can’t help feel a bit of schadenfreude at the things coming out of the court case regarding the alleged affair between Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks. Something from the past being dragged up and put in the public arena? A physical and emotional relationship between two people getting attention even though it is not central to the facts of a news story (ok, court case – but come on, court cases are just a form of press conference).

I guess I should judge it on the merits of the one off event. This story breaking is off no interest to me and to people in general, it being all over the media serves little. I should take this apart from their lives. But I don’t. I think they’re a pair of horrible people who have used all the medium of tabloid journalism to pursue their careers at the expense and I hope everyone reading about a real/fake affair they had causes them some troubles.

Guess I’m just as bad as everyone else.

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