Wednesday 30 October 2013

It’s brilliant at work at the moment. A combination of people not being well, people being on leave and it being half-term mean it’s not busy and it’s not crowded. The half-term element gives me a chance to catch up on letters to schools while I await teachers coming back in on monday and sending new letters of complaint. I am saying letters but I mean emails. You just say letter don’t you? Don’t you just say that? You say letters when you mean emails.

The quiet time gave us opportunity to talk about how shit observational comedy is – especially when the observations are based on a really limited scope of shared knowledge. Like I did in that first paragraph. And then say something shit at the end. 
There were some people in the office. At one point one of my team took another one of the team to a meeting to introduce them to people they hadn’t met. When they came back one of them was laughing about how embarrassing it had been. Expecting something to have caused the embarrassment I asked them what was so embarrassing.
The answer I received was just a basic description of being introduced to some people. “They just all took it in turns to say hello and then say who they were,” one of them said, “it was so embarrassing.”
“That’s just meeting some people. You knew that was what was going to happen. You didn’t have to do it and neither of you are intimidated by the prospect of meeting a few people. I don’t understand what information I’m missing,” I said.
It turns out I just have a different sense of humour to some people. Because I hadn’t missed anything. Two adults had gone into a room where one of them had introduced the other to a few people who had then said hello and said their names. No-one had said there name was ballbag by accident. No-one had accidentally stabbed someone with a fork. But that made someone get the giggles. 
It can be for the best not to overthink some things and just go and sit at your desk on get on with something else.
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