Sunday 27 October 2013

I am in John Lewis and not even thinking twice about how it’s pretty much christmas in there despite it being October. It reminds me that I read the other day that the John Lewis christmas advert will be soundtracked by Lily Allen doing a cover of a Keane song. This doesn’t really make me disposed to John Lewis. But the store is in between me being outside the Trafford Centre and being inside the Trafford Centre.

It doesn’t stop me going looking at iPads and MacBooks in there on the way out. I have only looked at them in the Apple store and Currys so I have good reason: the main reason being that the more I look at things I want, I want them more. And the more I want them the more likely I am to pay money I should really be saving for other things.

You can see how Apple have me over a barrell: I need something bigger than my iPhone for reading the internet on, so I need an iPad Mini. I need something to watch iPlayer and stream football on so I don’t want to get rid of my iPad. And I want a MacBook Pro.

There’s a silly part of my head saying “you’re expecting a child and you have said you’ll learn to drive – you shouldn’t be spending just over a thousand pounds on a laptop and an iPad Mini when you already have an iPad.” But that’s just me swallowing all the marketing jazz and pretentious hype of people sat around coffee shops not using Apple products. Just because people make it seem like you’re not complete unless you don’t have all the Apple products…I dance to the beat of my own drum.

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