Saturday 26 October 2013

The modern world eh? Tonight my Instagram (finger: on the pulse) timeline (he speaks the lingo) is full of zombies. Because it’s the weekend before halloween I get to glimpse what social media would be like after a zombie apocalypse (essentially the same but selfies of people with unruly hair and (skilled) make-up making people look dirty.

Everyone isn’t a brain-dead zombie instinctively trudging through life, celebrating halloween by dressing up in fancy dress is a tradition going back to before the internet. In those archaic times rudimentary fancy dress were created using string, paper bags and rubbing two pieces of wood together. It was a simpler time where halloween fancy dress amounted to men putting a sheet over their head (ghost/racist)  and women wearing the underwear (variety of animals/witch).

Halloween/fancy dress is something of which I’ve always remained on the perimeter. I think fancy dress is only doing really well and I’d rather invest the time in something else. I do, however, remain a big fan of women appearing in basically their underwear – especially if it has a pale/dark contrast edge to it.

If I were to do fancy dress I would consider the following three:

(1) that little thing in the corner of the screen that used to mean the adverts were imminent;
(2) the awkward pause after two people have talked over each other and then are waiting for the other person to talk again;
(3) the 1988 Olympics mens 1oom final.

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