Monday 28 October 2013

So much for this fucking superstorm hitting England. All I’ve heard is people blathering on about* is the terrible weather. And it’s just a bit of rain. Yes, because I can see no evidence of serious weather conditions out of my window I am going to see all the evidence these is of terrible weather in other areas of the country and belittle trains being cancelled etc because in Manchester it’s just rained (AGAIN!!! EH???!!)

It shows you how unreliable the content of these blogs is in danger of being at times: I nearly wrote a big whole chunk about despite all the news coverage of bad weather that I left the house this morning without an umbrella. This is because I remember getting a bit wet on my way home from seeing An Evening with Alex Ferguson at The Lowry.

It is true: I did get home a bit wet. But that was because I walked from The Lowry to Media City metro stop in the rain only using my umbrella as a walking stick due to being a fucking melon. You see, I HAD taken my umbrella!! The lolz don’t stop with this lad.

What was SAF like? Enjoyable but unremarkable. There was quite a lot of excitement as different United figures arrived. Perhaps the most fuss was reserved for new manager David Moyes. Who, partly because everyone was after a handshake/photo opportunity, took ages to get to his seat. Or what he thought was his seat. He was a row in front of where his seat was. So with 1700 people craning to look at the new King he had to go back along the row, where the people were more accommodating in letting him pass – embarrassed that a grown man couldn’t find a seat.

At the second attempt the man charged with taking over from British football’s most successful manager found his seat.

*And by this I mean I’ve seen a small amount of people talking about how there is quite a lot of people talking about it; I’ve seen scant evidence myself.

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