Friday 25 October 2013

Everyone else keeps the odd person on their Facebook timeline who you hate right? [Insert joke about it being me here]

There is something undoubtedly perverted about this practice. I get NOTHING out of these social network links other than the annoyance but I maintain them. Where Facebook is concerned the relationships are all with people I have met, I think, which perhaps explains some element of my ‘loyalty’. There is no element of wanting to pretend I like theses people, I know there are some people who keep me on their friends list because they don’t want the evidence of deleting me. I just keep these people on and get annoyed by them.

There are some people I don’t unfollow on Twitter because  I don’t want to hurt their feelings. People I don’t know, have never met and never will meet. But I cope with their shit on my timeline for some reason. What is this? What is my life? It’s not a major consumption of my time but I spend some of my life reading, disagreeing and being frustrated with people I don’t know rather than just unfollow them. One of them is a woman who refers to herself in the third person. Exactly.

Very occasionally I call someone out on what they’ve said, like I would do in real life. It doesn’t last long. It generally ends up with me feeling mean and backtracking a little (even though I am definitely right).

Even worse than challenging someone and dealing with that is commenting on something someone you like has said and having to deal with all the detritus that follows from their friends. People who know people you know are fucking idiots. That pretty much means you’re a fucking idiot because statistics don’t lie.

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