Wednesday 16 October 2013

I don’t think Jay-Z would accept being shitted about by people like this. I am stood about waiting for a meeting to start. I remind myself that I am not Jay-Z. I make a mental note to become Jay-Z if possible and turn my attention back to people being rude.

I hold my hands up that plans of my own have been derailed by this meeting. I had intended to go into town at 12 to take my jacket to be adjusted and mither someone at Apple. But there was an email, or whatever they are called, sent this morning begging me to attend a meeting, if by begging we mean asking someone by sending them an electronic calendar invite. Of course my employers pay me money to do talking in a workplace scenario so I cede that I can delay my errands.

That was all fine and I wasn’t even thinking about being Jay-Z at 12 o’clock when the meeting was supposed to start. I really get a bit ticked off by relentless ignorance of schedules. There was no mention of a delay or an apology about messing the attendees about. There were four of us, you can understand why those other four people would have done a bomb in Guildford if they had  – which they didn’t, but if they had because of getting people messed about with the delay of a small meeting not being addressed with an apology.

HALF PAST TWELVE. It was half past twelve when the 12 o’clock meeting started. There had been a further delay while one person went and got lunch and then ate it at the meeting. I had to smell that food as tried to move the meeting on (as I was fucking starving but felt it a little bit rude to further delay a very delayed meeting while I went and got some food).

It would be OK if the meetings didn’t take longer than they have to but all meetings take at least an hour longer than they have to. Even a five minute meeting is an hour longer than it has to be. Meetings are piss.

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