Monday 14 October 2013

Running Man

It’s not good going running when you haven’t been running for a while and you don’t like running anyway. I had to stop after a couple of miles because I thought I was in danger of losing the feeling in my body.

Despite never having done it before I approached the mini-assault course thing on Hough End about two miles into my run. They have some of them little wooden hurdles that you swing over with your arms/jumping with your legs. Being unfit anyway, but being particularly out of practice for someone who is unfit I’m not sure why I thought this wouldn’t cause an issue. Well I am sure why I didn’t think it would cause an issue: it was five small wooden hurdles and I am a grown man.

I approached them with the misapprehension that I had the technique and strength of Richard Gere in An Officeer and Gentleman (MAYO-NAAAAAAAAAAAISE) when he is sprints around the assault course. In my defence I did only nearly fall over one of them. Other than that I thought I did OK (jumping over very small hurdles). But it turns out the muscles under my arm weren’t used to being used for anything and about 20 seconds after the last hurdle my right arm and the muscles started really hurting.

It was getting a bit dark and I was in the middle of a massive field. I did worry a little bit that I would at some point be accused of some sex-crime just because I was in a big field in the dark wearing a beard (and I still might). Now I was more worried about moving as the pain wasn’t going away. I did start to wonder about how I would manage to get through my journey home, my shower, being able to sleep in such pain, get through work the next day. But then it stopped hurting after a few minutes and it was all fine.


I wouldn’t be amazed if you’re loving my new banner. Well let’s clear something up: all the credit for that should only go to me if you think the photography, editing and modification of the image are part of its charm. I cannot take the credit for the fantastic cup, though.

How good is the cup, though? I am not sure if you can call this fan mail (fan cup?) but it’s the first thing anything I’ve done has been honoured in this way. All the credit for the cup goes to the brilliant Hannah Byrne and her lovelicious Onegirl1cup personalised cup business. Why not have a look at some of the cups she created on the Twitter page, [The Mad Men one is the shit eh?] I don’t know about anyone else but nothing says Merry Halloween/Christmas Mubarak/Good Birthday like a bespoke cup.

Fucking boss cup

Fucking boss cup

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