Tuesday 08 October 2013

I don’t spend a lot of time on The Mirror’s website. But since I banned myself from The Daily Mail site some months ago sometimes I need somewhere to go when I want to read absolutely fucking none-stories about shit famous cunts doing nothing. And this has ended up being the website of The Mirror.

This allows me to see lots of stories that are shit and on a slow opinion day, take the piss out of a story on there. I’ve began to notice that there seems to be a pattern of not necessarily looking too great. The latest example is an interview with Patsy Kensit saying she wishes she had stayed with Liam Gallagher when he was repeatedly, and with no subtlety, had affairs with women.

I was tempted to write something mocking her. Don’t judge me, it’s a nightmare catching up when I get behind on these, and there’s a massive output doing like three a day to get near catching up but then just as I get near I’ve used up all the blogdeas. But if I hold off catching up then I fall behind again.

Anyway, I didn’t think there was much value taking the piss out of Kensit for saying that in the early hours when it was just her and Liam he was lovely and said amazing things. I’ve said lots of things I didn’t mean when I was pissed as well. But I’m not going to do that. I would question what Kensit is getting out of being portrayed in this interview. I can’t imagine it’s a money issue, is it just the exposure?

Well it is the exposure. It’s clearly tied in with Kensit’s autobiography that comes out on Thursday. Why isn’t it mentioned? If this has something that has been arranged by her publicist/book publishers why is it not referenced? And if it is completely taken from the autobiography surely they should mention it?

If The Mirror is just going to churn out shit like this I am going to have to find somewhere else to read about horseshit celebrity stories.

*Oh dear I’ve just become aware that there was a thing where she slurred on This Morning or something but I can’t be arsed deleting all this rather than look like this was anything to do with that bandwagon.

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