Monday 07 October 2013

Because I was vaguely aware there were some people having sex in a TV studio I had little choice but to have a look at Channel 4 tonight. Sex Box was less interesting than it sounded – and when I say sounded I mean that I had known/read little about it and decided it was probably going to be televised harcore sexual intercourse.

It wasn’t that. People had the sex. They did it in an opaque box that left everything to the imagination. They then left the box and had a chat about their sex relationship/sex-life. You didn’t get to see the good stuff in other words, just the boring stuff you don’t really want to look at – like missing a fight and only getting to see the paramedics glue someone’s head back together after pulling bits of a pint glass out of it.

So there was no visibility of the sex. Therefore the programme was essentially some people discussing their interpersonal relationship with one/both of them slightly out of breath.

Fair play to them, they had seemingly meaningful conversations about their relationships. The moment I’ve finished sex I just feel shame and regret. That’s what comes of having large mirrors in your bedroom (not something we insisted on when renting this flat).

Clearly there was something about the pre-conversation sex (just feels odd writing those things in that order) relaxing the sex-makers and changing inhibitions. I can see how this might work in some therapy. People who are prepared to have sex in a TV studio in an opaque box are probably not at home with classic British reserve.

The programme was not like a  sexual experience for me in some ways: it went on for more than 45 seconds, it had some merit & there was a (small) audience watching. On the other hand it was like a sexual experience in the way that I got unnecessarily excited and had pretty much reached my fulfillment after a minute or two and lost interest.

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