Thursday 03 October 2013

To my shame I am watching the tattoo show again on Channel 4.

There is a man claiming he has created the most controversial tattoo ever. After a limited build-up where we discover he is definitely a cunt. This is confirmed when the tattoo is revealed to be a picture of Hitler holding a gas bill.  The man who is having the tattoo is asked if it is offensive – maybe Hitler would be offended if he was still alive today, he says. It isn’t racist though, the image isn’t racist and couldn’t be classed as offensive. It is racist and offensive, though.

The tattoo designed defends it saying there is no meaning to the tattoo and it’s just silly. Whereas what it is actually doing is making light of the holocaust. Having a food fight is silly. Eating a cream cracker is meaningless.

Over in Magaluf the owner of a tattoo salon is describing having a tattoo as banter. Ahhhh, that’s why I think everyone on the programme is a cunt. Banter. “It’s like American Pie isn’t it? That last holiday as mates before you all get a job,” he says of Magaluf – making it clear he has confused the film American Pie with The Inbetweeners Movie. At a stretch he means American Pie 2 which is at least about a holiday but I’m pretty certain he means The Inbetweeners Movie. And people are trusting this man to tattoo a burger on their arse.

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