Sunday 29 September 2013

Peaky Bastards

One thing I discovered while I was on holiday was that Peaky Blinders wasn’t the name of the main character but the name of a gang. I was gutted. Peaky Blinders is a great name. I am considering changing my name to Peaky Blinders. Having watched one episode thus far my main observation is about how surprising it is that no-one in turn of the century Birmingham had a midlands accent. Which is a good thing.

Pasta Jerk

I am quick enough to say how shit and meaningless a lot of advertising is so it’s only fair to hand out some kudos to the pasta brands who have retorted to some right-wing Italian (who would have called that?) pasta magnate making some homophobic statements. It’s always fascinating/abhorrent when someone says they don’t disrespect something but then openly disrespects them (he meant no disrespect but wouldn’t ever see a homosexual relationship as something that could be part of a family unit and says a same-sex couple should not be allowed to adopt a child).

English Spirit

There is a lot to feel towards the plight of former Apprentice winner Stella English. I am not going to point out that perhaps she should have settled for being really wealthy and successful and not chased fame. I mean that was her choice and and it’s not like she is blaming the show for her choice to…no, she is. But it’s not great to see someone struggle. And I aint for gloating.

I am going to pick up on a few points.

“Looking back I was naïve but I was a big fan of The Apprentice – I felt like it was winning the lottery.”  That would be irony.

“So I’ve been using my bike but it has a flat tyre. My husband isn’t around so I don’t know how to fix things like that.” Sister, sister what is that statement all about?

“Even when I was 15 I worked illegally in a casino because I would do anything but sign on. Now I might have to.” She worked illegally in a casino so she didn’t have to sign on? You can’t go on the dole when  you’re 15. So she just worked illegally in a casino for no reason?

She goes on to say how she has been metaphorically beaten up, which is not nice of course, and that she is being treated like a criminal. She does just seem to be being treated like someone who had a lot of money and kind of spunked it away rather than a criminal.

Last thought: doesn’t constructive dismissal sound like an odd thing to be suing someone for? Constructive has so many positive connotations as an adjective. Such a shame that a lovely word can be shrouded in such a horrible story.

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