Thursday 19 September 2013


I am trying out suitcases. The smaller ones are the kind I want. They seem a bit small though. The next size up seems a bit big. Not for the first time I empathised with Goldilocks.

I am offered some assistance by one of the, er, assistants. She tells me her husband always takes one of the larger ones on holiday. I think this is meant to imply that me buying one of the bigger ones is a good idea. What makes her think that I think what her husband does is sage? SHE is the one who is working in luggage. I want her advice. Not a fucking luggage biography of her husband.

It doesn’t help that all the suitcase sizes are in litres. I am aware of volumetric standards measurement but it doesn’t help me out much thinking of 27 small bottles of Coke. Or 81 cans of coke. The sizes should be in t-shirts or such. “How big is this case?”, “It’s a 100 t-shirts.”

I go with one of of the smaller ones. It’s the first time I have bought a suitcase. I did a small amount of research and was surprised by the prices. Suitcases really seem underpriced. This seems like a good brand though. The price tag says it traded for £140 until it was reduced to £59 AND THEN reduced again to £37. THIRTY SEVEN POUNDS for a grown ups suitcase.

As I wheel the case away I realise that the wheels go in FOUR directions. This is a real bonus. I had considered paying more for one that had this functionality. Not only does my new suitcase have four way functionality but I am walking on cloud nine.

I treat myself to a Fred Perry t-shirt with the £100+ I’d saved.


Throughout the day I control the urge to buy the latest installment of the computer game series Grand Theft Auto. The thing is I haven’t played a game on my PS3 for about a year. And that was for about two hours. Two hours that were about three weeks after I’d bought the latest Call of Duty game (on the day it came out). So that is my form on playing the games on my console.

But I still consider spending £45 on this game. I think it’s because I feel the need to comment on any social happening with some degree of authority. The thing is I really dislike the Grand Theft Auto series of games, they do nothing for me at all. Ultimately, I use having no interest whatsoever in playing the game as the thing that tips the balance towards not buying the game.

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