Monday 16 September 2013

Sometimes it’s not about being right or wrong. But most of the time it is. And it is about being right.

I am not arrogant enough be beyond doubt. I am humble enough to question myself every now and again – and it is this refusal to be beyond question that probably makes me as superior as I am to everyone else. That’s how humble I am. Humble enough to do the things that prove I am the best one.

Today’s question of myself is based upon the popular American TV drama series Breaking Bad – I’m not going to talk about what happens in it so consider this spoiler free – which some of you may have picked up on people really liking and that it is approaching its conclusion.

Last week it has an episode that was so full of creeping tension and carefully paced brilliance that my eyes almost fell out. This week a lot of things happened. There was something happening a lot of the time. And I don’t mean a character buying some beans AND THEN cooking some beans. Quite important events. But…it was all inevitable stuff.  Part of the brilliance of last week’s episode was that even though things looked like going one way until a last few minutes you weren’t quite sure.

This week’s episode, though, was like the falling dominos. I suppose people do like watching dominos fall when they’re in those big shapes. No-one agreed with me on last week’s episode being better. But it was. And this is how humble I am: I thought for a while I might be wrong and that I’d misjudged it.

So, I talked it through with a few people who also watch the show (it would have been foolhardy to talk it through with people who hadn’t). Explaining my thoughts to them and listening to their reasons for preferring this week’s episode. At the end I was still adamant that I was right and EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD was wrong. Humble.

It was fucking good though this week wasn’t it?

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