Friday 13 September 2013

I’m not going to piss on everyone’s finger buffet by claiming Educating Yorkshire isn’t good. A major factor is that I think Educating Yorkshire is good – and despite popular opinion I am not contrary for the sake of being argumentative (I’m not just saying that because opinion suggests otherwise). I love a bit of the simpleton Yorkshire accent, interesting fly-on-the-wall educational documentary and young people who are wise beyond their years.

But if there’s a fly-on-the-wall documentary about an educational establishment I’d rank at #1 in current fly-on-the-wall educational documentaries it’s Sky1’s Harrow: A Very British School.  I fucking love being subservient, even to people 20 years younger than me on a television in front room. I’ve found myself looking at the floor, embarrassed by my class, wringing a cloth cap and apologising for poor posture.

Such is the genetic disposition if one of these posh children decided it was a good idea for me to carry a stick and walk slowly over some French mud to my certain death, I wouldn’t hesitate.

This week’s H:AVBS’ primary narrative was about the inter-house Glee contest. If I was to think how best exemplify how different my teenage school life was from the lads at Harrow, it would be comparing ANYTHING I DID IN MY TEENAGE YEARS with these lads preparing for and then competing in an acapella singing contest.

We’re seeing Harrow through the prism of the West Acre house. The difference between this house and all the other houses is that these lads are over-privileged posh lads who are being groomed for power – studying at West Acre. That is the only difference.

West Acre suffered a cruel blow when the night before the glee final one of their main singers was injured playing rugby and couldn’t sing. Just like all them films where someone overcomes amazing adversities to win, West Acre replaced this lad with some other posh lad and were judged the best singing toffs of the day. It made The History Boys* look like Boys from The Black Stuff.

*I wrote that sentence about a minute before this was announced as the next program on BBC1. I had no idea. It’s things like that which make you think maybe there is a higher power after all.

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