Monday 09 September 2013

I have no real idea how well Liam Gallagher’s fashion business Pretty Green is doing. If I was the average person they’d be doing pretty, pretty well. Happily I am not the average person.

Early celebrity adopters of the PG label included footballing forgotten man Joe Cole, Mani from The Stone Roses and Paul Weller (well he endorsed a PG suit). Well…it was enough to convince me and my mates Ste and Greg  – and lots of other males aged 18-50 who might prefer Fred Perry or Lyle and Scott, but were prepared to give a fiery young upstart a go. I see enough of PG about to suggest it does OK.

A wrong endorsement can provide such terrible PR that it can damage a brand beyond redemption. One has to wonder who made the decision at Pretty Green to be OK with the brand becoming the official brand of this year’s soap opera killer, Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaarl Munro.

Liam Gallagher’s alter-ego

When he first joined the cast he was a Jack the lad. He liked a drink, a bet and got in to the odd scrape. He seemed a decent target audience for Pretty Green’s less expensive items .I doubt we’d ever see him in a £7000 velvet jump suit or the  limited edition John Lennon-inspired bookmark, only £750. However the polo or jacket he’d sometimes sport put him the brand in the shop window – the marketing people at PG towers probably lapped it up.

He didn’t always have PG on though. Just sometimes. However, since becoming a murderer Karl never appears on screen in anything other than Pretty Green clothing. Is this something the Coronation Street producers have been plotting (eh?) all along? Perhaps this is some grudge being settled by the powers that be at Corrie? (Team Noel?)

“Yeah give us a load of free clothes and we’ll have a guy wear them – lots of free advertising. What? Will we have the character murder a woman and try to cover it up? Wait…is this conversation legally binding? No it isn’t? OK then. No – Karl will not become a murderer and start to dress exclusively in Pretty Green after doing so. We categorically state that will not happen.”

I for one won’t be wearing Pretty Green clothing while Karl Munro remains as the face of their sub-Fred Perry clothing*.

*Unless there is a 30% off sale.

Why don’t you watch this if you like laughing? [You can find the full episode on YouTube or elsewhere but I couldn’t embed the full episode and I wanted to embed it. True dat.]

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