Saturday 07 September 2013

Today is non-league football day or something like that. Depending on how you spin it, by going to watch a non-league football game you are supporting ‘grass roots’ sport or patronising something you think isn’t very good, by going just once.

The few times I have been to football games that don’t involve Manchester United have involved putting alcohol into my body. Other than a quick half-time pint there is no beer today, not before or at the game anyway. Perhaps this is why I half enjoy the game, there is no overriding urgency to get to a pub for the next pint. Or maybe non-league football just got a bit better in the years since I last tried it.

I also save £6 because I pretend to be someone else who has a season ticket at a league club. Yes, £6 that my struggling hometown non-league club could do something with. But it is two pints. Well, the best part of two pints – I was drinking in Chorlton not Stalybridge. To be fair there wasn’t too much checking of documentation going on. I could have said it was a season ticket card for United and shown a child’s glove and still got in with the discount.


Hey, if I hadn’t gone then they would have been £6 worse off. Actually, I did make it up to the club by getting pie and peas and a pint and a bottle of lager at half time. In fact I bought a pint for the lad who gave me a lift. I don’t feel so guilty about that £6 discount anymore. I am probably going to be nominated for some humanitarian award. Probably.

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