Monday 02 September 2013

It’s hard to describe what I did with my evening without alienating a lot of people. If not alienating people making them question my values system.

There was more than one element (I am not sad). One element was the transfer deadline day. This mainly involves watching Sky Sports New make out that footballers moving from one club to another – on the last day are allowed to do so until January – is really important. Of course I do think it’s that important and try to sound somewhat disaffected by saying it in ‘I know it’s hardly Syria’ way is just a way of trying to seem less like a 12-year-old than I am.

I’m afraid I actually do get excited by a man whose fame is restricted to two days a year, Scottish Sky Sports presented Jim White, say things like, “news just in: a car with a Belgian number plate has just been seen in Manchester.” I also got very excited by the idea of United signing some exciting foreign footballers. But it turns out that they were just pretending to be a big, sexy football team and they didn’t sign the player. It was a bit like flirting with what  I thought was a beautiful woman only to get ‘her’ back to my bed and finding out it wasn’t a woman at all – it was just a bag of wet cardboard. Exact same level of disappointment.

The other part of  my night was doing an online draft of American football players as part of a fantasy football league. I think the sentence probably polarises opinion.

I’m interested on whether people see both of my activities as completely pointless or one seems more pathetic than the other. Not that interest admittedly. For those who are interested I am *fairly* satisfied with the outcome of the draft, I got some solid player. Maybe not one of the big stars but then I had one last year and it was all about him. So, we’ll see how it goes this year.

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