Friday 30 August 2013

There’s a man who looks a bit odd, not very odd, but a bit odd. He’s definitely not ugly. He does look a bit odd though. Some people won’t admit it that he looks a bit odd. He does look a bit odd.

He is definitely good at his job, running about and kicking an inflated synthetic sphere. Someone in Spain has offered him lots of money to do this for their company. People are getting outraged about all the money involved. They say how it is more than one hundred pounds. “It’s more than one hundred pounds,” they say, forgetting that (a) one hundred pounds was a significant money some time between the two world wars (b) people in this industry (kicking synthetic spheres) generally pay an amount of money based on making much more money.

One man in Spain said that it was an insult that the trade in the man’s place of employment might involve 1oo million Euros. The man who said it had spent half that amount on buying a different man with similar traits.

This is the main story from the back pages in the last few weeks. I know more about the back pages than the front pages. The stories that you get on the back pages are admittedly vastly more interesting to me, I’m a sport lover. It is also somewhat comforting that despite meaning almost everything to me for a lot of  my life sport definitely doesn’t carry the weight of the stuff on the front pages (I mean of the papers who don’t concentrate on shit).

The one on the front of the proper papers is about a war in a country somewhere over there. I generally don’t know much about over there, to my not-quite-shame-but-definitely-far-from-pride. This war seems to be polarising people even though it definitely seems there is little clarity over what is actually going on. The news says things are happening, often with the caveat that ‘this might all be made up’.

It seems almost certain that bad things are happening. It seems clear who is doing the most bad stuff at times – but there is definitely (?) bad stuff done by both sides, or at least supporters of each, are saying that the media are twisting portrayal of events by portraying them doing evil. Which does sound like the media. Unfortunately I read about these people claiming the media are reporting things falsely in the media. So, it might be a double-bluff.

I read that Michael Gove was very unhappy about the parliament voting to say we shouldn’t stand behind America and say “yeah” after they said stuff. This makes me think that not doing military things in this scenario is the best thing. It does feel a bit like the country is against the military action because a lot of people thought the Iraq/Blair stuff was wrong.

I don’t necessarily think that The Prime Minister should be able to do as he pleases, far from it. And not just because of democracy – not that it was proper democracy that got him in. But I do wonder how much say ‘the public’ should get in some decisions. Quite often the public is a certain sub-section of ‘the public’ rather than the actual public. And also the public are pricks. And it’s the MPs anyway, and who votes for their local MP thinking that they are on the same page as them as far as international warfare and intervening in civil war’s where there are civilians being murdered.

Going to war is quite important. People could die doing the militarying and no-one wants any people dying. But what is The Prime Minister/cabinet for if it’s not the important stuff? If we can’t trust someone to not do a war then maybe they shouldn’t be getting the job at all.

What is the next step? What if the people disagreed with the parliament vote? A national vote by text message? [All texts charged at your usual rate].

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