Monday 26 August 2013

Today is day two of maturity self-assessment. The goal is a conference on Wednesday, attending it relatively fresh and not hungover. The challenge was a wedding yesterday, going to United on a Bank Holiday Monday and a night in London before the conference with some friend-colleagues.

I did the wedding fine yesterday. When I was having a quick pint at lunchtime ahead of driving to the church (being driven to the church drink-driving fans) I did wonder if I was going to pull off modest drinking. I needn’t have bothered. I breezed it. I sauntered it. Three or four cans of Red Stripe were drank at a modest rate before halting the intake.

This was just willpower. Pure and unadulterated. Anyone who says my sinuses are giving me headaches and I’ve got a really sore throat are just in denial of the fact that I can now have a good time without alcohol. And by good time I do mean chain-smoking, stood on my own with a cup of tea that is, frankly, vile.

Today was also a standard show of great willpower – going to United after an afternoon meet for beers? Piece of piss.  I went out later than the agreed meeting time so I could minimize the amount of time I was drinking. Willpower.

After the game I got the Metrolink back home. Well I got it to the Withington stop, which is the nearest station to my home. It is hardly on the corner. The tram back from United that goes through Chorlton and finishes at East Didsbury was a little different to the trams I have got back to town after United.  There was a lot less swearing, singing and absence of middle-aged couples (this means there were two middle-aged couples).

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