Thursday 22 August 2013

I prefer the annoying grate of my iPhone going raaaaaah-raaaaaah-raaaaaah to wake me up – if I have to be woken up. My partner prefers some music to rouse her. It’s a free country. The downside is the things between the music when the radio is the source of the music, I mean the DJs.

Currently taking its turn on the radio breakfast show roulette is Absolute Radio. This is the realm of Christian O’Connell, one of the sharper breakfast DJs operating. This morning was not a shining example of O’Connell’s patter, mind. He and his crew have a great phone-in topic. It’s: would bands have had a different career if their name was different by one letter?

It’s hardly the greatest prompt for comedy in the world but there are over 300 weekdays in a year not every morning can be Wildean hilarity. The idea should be like ‘how odd would it be if The Police was called The Polite’ or ‘what if Kiss were called Piss?’ etc.

Only they’re reading out people texting in things like “What if The Rolling Stones were called the Brolling Clones” or “what if Coldplay were called Groldplay?” In other words people were changing a sound but not to some effect other than the first syllable of part of the name being slightly different.

One of them said, “what if Morrisey had been called Norrisey?” I know, I know: I am laughing just typing that. O’Connell didn’t just leave it at that. Like many great comedians he took something and moved it on. He said something about how changing it to Norrisey reminded him of of the popular supermarket Morrisons.  Of course there is nothing more reminiscent of the name of said Supermarket than the word Norrisey.

This is my 999th blog. As part of a commemoration of hitting the big 1000 entries there’s a couple of treats coming your way. First up here is the oral note I made this morning as I walked to the bus stop. I don’t normally make sure efforts to provide myself with stimulus to remember a day, it is becoming increasingly necessary to do so. It does provide some insight, though, making this recording was clearly indicative that I thought the whole thing was worth remembering and writing about. Whilst it has worked in a memory sense I think it is clear from reading the above that the whole thing was neither interesting nor clever. Which is a shame, but you just have to take it on the chin and move on.

Notes: I go quiet when someone passes me and at one stage I whistle to assure people I’m OK and not recording myself speaking.

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