Wednesday 21 August 2013

Now it is abhorrent to assume guilt of others and I think everyone deserves a fair trial. But I’m prepared to accept – based on reading a very minimal amount about it – that the two British women are guilty of smuggling drugs, as they are accused of doing, in Peru.

They just look guilty to me and how often is the way a small-minded man judges someone on the way they look been wrong? Exactly: probably almost never. The news this morning suggested that they didn’t know how serious the crime was, unaware of the potential length of prison time they could face. Then a little bit later it suggested they were forced to do it by some drug barons.

If you are doing it because you’re being threatened by drug barons surely the sentence is not really an issue. “Oh, I wasn’t going to let you force me to smuggle drugs but I’ve assumed the sentence is probably lenient so I will take the risk. There are definitely no rewards for me and I definitely am doing this against my will, ” I am sure they both thought. Silly billies.

My favourite part of the BBC story, linked above, is:

“Their main concern at the moment is that they may be separated, they may be sent to different prisons and they are both very concerned that that might happen,” he said.

The he is one of their lawyers. I would be more worried about being in a Peruvian prison for 15 years, or what the dug barons who forced me to do the smuggling might do to me – rather than worrying about a friendship that will probably grow old very quickly.

Apparently they weren’t friends before all of this (agreeing to smuggle drugs and getting caught -isn’t it funny the things that bring people together). They are in the first phase of a relationship, every story is new and every quirk is amusing. I give them a few weeks before they are arguing like cat and dog. Or drug smuggler and drug smuggler. Especially if either is offered some kind of plea bargain.

My other best thing about this was this tweet from Hannah Byrne – even though it involved The Daily Mail. If one good thing comes from all this its that someone found a jacket they really liked. And people say the internet is a waste of time/mainly used for evil.

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