Saturday 17 August 2013

I woke up with another hangover. No carnival this morning and there will be no fire alarm either. My hangover isn’t that bad. I’d like to posit that I didn’t really drink that much being the reason.

I normally blame a Saturday hangover on not having had any tea on the Friday – accepting that drinking copious amounts of lager has a part to pay. Having both not had any tea AND played football should therefore have been a dangerous combination. But I don’t recall drinking all that much (5/6 pints, couple of bottles and couple of shorts – which isn’t really much) yet stopped drinking because I had a headache. This could be the future: have the hangover before getting too drunk.

What a tremendously dull couple of paragraphs. Please accept my apologies.

There was a tiny blemish on the day. It would be breaking a bond of trust with my partner to go into too many details. We’ll just say this: a film was started; the film had a voice-over straight from the beginning; someone in the room asked someone else if they had got muffins from somewhere (even though the other person had said they had had muffins and there hadn’t been muffins – so there CLEARLY HAD TO BE Β muffin buying taking place); someone reacted angrily shouting about there being a needless question about muffins over the start of a film.

It is easy to get in to who was right and who was wrong in this situation – but who wants to live in a blame culture for heaven’s sake? Someone asked a question about muffins. Someone reacted by shouting about the answer being obvious. In many ways everyone was as wrong as each other.

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