Monday 12 August 2013

I think I saw the meteor shower tonight. I can never be sure when it comes to looking at things in the sky, especially the night sky. I am pretty convinced I have seen things like meteors or the international space station or planets before. But at the same time as being almost entirely convinced I am also nearly certain that I was in fact looking at a plane or a satellite or something. Yes, I am both pretty convinced of seeing the majestys of the universe and almost entirely convinced of the contrary point. I am pretty, pretty open-minded.

Whatever I did see at the time I saw something definitely wasn’t there 20 minutes later. So, that’s pretty conclusive proof that I did see something. I had got a bit distracted by Bill Clinton on Newsnight – bitch looked old, you feel me? I don’t remember him looking so old the last time I saw him. It was 1992 the last time I saw him though. My head has been in the sand Clinton-wise.

I remember being young and Halley’s Comet being in the area. This was back in the day people pronounced Halley to rhyme with snaily* – before it became Ha-lee’s comet at some point. It was 1986. There was definitely a bit of a deal made of it but (a) I don’t think I appreciated what I was getting in on at that point my life and (b) I was at primary school, of course we made a fuss out of it.

If Halley’s Comet was due to pass this year there would be a 24-hour channel dedicated to it. BBC would have Gary Lineker, Clare Balding and Zoe Ball in an especially built comet shaped studio in Nepal (or somewhere like that – it would be where ‘we’ were going to get the best view of Halley’s Comet or something). I think it just got headline story on John Craven’s Newsround back in ’86.

It’s not due again until 2061. I don’t fancy my chances.

*Admittedly this depends somewhat on a shared agreement of the pronunciation of snail, but we’re there aren’t we?

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