Sunday 11 August 2013

Honey Boo Boo

I am afraid I am one of those people who does like the Honey Boo Boo show. I have not obsessed with it. Though I have started to occasionally speak like the dad in the family. who’s called Steam Pie or Fried Tip or something. I put my impression out there – only to be mercilessly attacked by someone I classed as a friend.

I chose to forgive Emma, because I am that kind of person: forgiving. I’d say the only occasions where I am not forgiving or the occasions where the thing I am being asked to forgive is something I don’t think I want to forgive.

Maybe this (poorly received) impression should be the start of me being a bit more multimedia. Don’t worry I am not going to stop doing the blog. But what with being busier at work and having less and less time to do anything I enjoy I should probably start a YouTube channel and making audio files. And then make some kind of agreement to do one a day, an agreement that only I hold myself to. An agreement that most people would rather I didn’t stick to. Yes, maybe I should do that.

If one of the world’s biggest sports teams can use this summer as a time to smother the multimedia platforms then surely it is time for me to up my Intsagraming, spotclouding and nanoblogging. Watch this space.

In that M&M advert…

In the M&M advert where everything the old African-American man touches turn to M&Ms how come his clothes haven’t turned to M&Ms?

Changes to Dragon’s Den

The contestants now come up in a lift rather than walking up some stairs. And the greek man has gone and the scary woman with the big shoulders – and they have been replaced by a woman who looks like that woman who was the editor of The Sun and another unremarkable man.

I did think

I did think of something meaningful I wanted to write about today. I thought it as I was walking home from my run (I would elaborate but it’s a short but painfully dull story) when I started to think about the difference between being good at something and being good at marketing something. It was something to do with something being beaten by an inferior product by the rival product being first to market and then smothering the market, suffocating the better product.

But I can’t remember what the thing was that I was basing the point on and it really needed that foundation to base it on. It did have some points like Betamax being better than VHS, but I think that actually something to do with porn rather than marketing.

It would have been a good read.

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