Saturday 10 August 2013

I’d be lying if I said I had the worst hangover in the world today but it makes it slightly funnier if you imagine that I had the worst hangover in the world….so imagine I’m like DYING with pain, I’m VOMITING with vomit, I’m REELING from light like a vampire. I mean I wasn’t. But if I was imagine if I was when…

A CARNIVAL started outside my flat. A carnival. They don’t start outside someone’s house – they start at the ocean. No wait I’m thinking of rivers and where they end. A carnival did start outside my flat though. A CARIBBEAN carnival (someone has a case of THE CAPS) not a Manchester carnival*. Admittedly it was only a short carnival because of funding issues but it had constant whistles and drums and shit. Remember I have a really bad hangover…

It didn’t go on all day or anything (actually it kind of did but it went to – and stayed – in Platt Field. So it only lasted about 40 minutes. So, that terrible hangover didn’t have to suffer too long. Unless the burglar alarm in the Library next door (which is where the carnival had started) went off from lunchtime until about ten pm. Sorry – TEN PM. Oh my how I suffered with my tender head. And I didn’t not really notice it because I wasn’t that hungover. I also didn’t keep thinking it had stopped as it faded into background noise.

And some people go on about having tough days at war.

*I don’t know what a Manchester carnival would sound like. Probably lots of people doing that finger clicking thing and saying nice one. And being the best fucking carnival in the world because we KNOW HOW TO PARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY (you know like the Shameless man said).

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