Thursday 08 August 2013

I realise there is a lot of things that one shouldn’t specifically link to either gender. I haven’t ever seen a man apply makeup on a bus so I can’t – in all good faith – say that this isn’t a gender thing. But…

How good are women at applying makeup on buses? Lots of people can’t even read on a bus because it makes them feel sick. I didn’t appreciate how skilfull an act applying all the eye makeup stuff on a bus was until I tried writing a note in my notebook (whilst riding on a bus – normally my handwriting is lovely).

But look at this:

IMG_4138It’s like when you try to write left-handed at school. I’m sorry, I don’t know what the equivalent comparison would be for a left-handed person would be because I’m not interested in your twisted little existence.

Is this why mobile hairdressers do the hairdressing at the person’s house rather than on a bus? Actually this doesn’t really make sense as most mobile hairdressers are women (offensive gender stereotype much? All the time today it would seem) and I’ve already scientifically proven that they are able to remain steady-handed on a bus. All male hairdressers are successful enough to own their own shop – or be indispensable at a salon owned by someone else (another man). What the hell? I seem to have become completely sexist today so why bother stopping now.

How hilarious is this whole blog today? All the hairdressers I have been owned by men to be fair. Which more explains more why I have always had really poor hair rather than suggest either gender is superior at hairdressing.


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