Friday 02 August 2013

Shit, I could proper do with reading one of them entries where Phil talks about what kind of TV and films he’s been watching as though it’s important what he thinks about them.


I’ve caught up with Luther. Finished. And started in a week. Put that it you on-demand pipe and smoke it. NONE of them watched when they were on the television channel BBC1. Is this modern day consumption of television? I think so.

And what’s more I effin’ loved Luther. I’ve not started walking places with both of my hands in my front-trouser pockets and walking a little bit hunched and angry, though. Why would I? If there’s one thing that’s fresh it’s a TV show about a good looking policeman who plays by his own rules, isn’t afraid to break the law to catch a REAL bad guy and doesn’t have any wallpaper on the walls of his decidedly bare flats.

To be fair there was something a bit different about Luther: it was a prime-time BBC1 show that wasn’t afraid of being a bit graphic and showing things the likes of previous police dramas (Juliet BravoThe Thin Blue Line) wouldn’t show. It reminded me quite a lot of Sherlock. I don’t know if that’s a standard reaction because I haven’t really talked to anyone about it. It was the visceral Sherlock or Sherlock is the thinking man’s Luther. They have similar tropes: a mysterious woman captivating them, loyal sidekick who seems to be above blind loyalty (but really is blindly loyal), anti-authoritarian central characters who still serve authority. I could go on but I’d soon run out of similarities or they’d become increasingly tenuous.

I would advise you to watch Luther but I was the last person in England to watch it. So, I had the pleasure of not being surprised by anything has people had to vomit it onto Twitter and Facebook. Note: just because the guy under the bed wasn’t something that happened at the end of something it doesn’t mean you didn’t ruin the thing for everyone by going on about it straight away. That man coming out from under the bed would have been brilliant had 50 people not already made it clear to me that there would be a big shock with a man coming from underneath a bed. When the opening scenes lead to a woman getting into a bed and then we linger on a wide shot so that the under the bed is visible…you pretty much know what’s coming.

And now I have ruined it for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Karma.

Speaking of being behind the times I have only just finished watching The Greatest Shows on Earth, which proved – if nothing else – TV is a better place with Daisy Donovan on it.  Whereas we’ve laughed (with Clive James) at foreign people on TV before, DD put herself in the heart of the overseas TV shows and laughed with them – and admittedly at bit at them to but at least she does it to their face. It did also get a bit dark at times. I think there should just be a channel with Daisy Donovan on it.

And just to confirm I am not some Guardian hipster running around after everything getting the last thing I have been catching up on is a little talked about Channel 4 show called The Returned. Yeah, you didn’t think I would say that show did you? I mean I had just described the show in a sentence about how I WAS NOT going to be watching a show like that.

The main thing you notice about watching some subtitled show is how often you sit THINKING you are concentrating on something while actually dicking about with your phone/iPad/laptop/all 3 if you’re a proper dick. You can generally swing it with your English shows because you listen to stuff -in many ways television is the new radio in that respect – and just look up at the telly when something gets shot, someone has no clothes on or someone is eaten by a catpire.

I am only four episodes into The Returned but I am pretty sure it’s brilliant. And I already know it leaves you frustrated with unanswered questions at the end of the first series because everyone couldn’t wait to put it on the internet. Who would have thought a show about dead French people coming back to life would prove so popular? (Because English people traditionally dislike the French and thus might wish an alive French person to die.)

Not sure about the new Skins feels like the first two could have been about completely new people and didn’t really call back to what the characters were. Which is fine I suppose. I also thought they weren’t that good. The first episode of the Cook one both called back to his story and was good. Which I, for one, preferred.

Oh, and they say ‘babe’ a lot to describe women in Cheers. I never picked up on that when I watched it as a child.


Only God Forgives is a bit mental. It interested me. I can’t imagine watching it too many more times. Ryan Gosling has about ten lines in it. I carried on thinking about it the day after, though, which has to be a positive. And I was wondering whether I just OK-liked it or liked-it liked-it. Rather than after  The World’s End when I was just wondering what went wrong with those guys.

I was right to avoid A Good Day to Die Hard. Because it’s really poor. And as much as I didn’t rate Die Hard 4.0 (Live Free or Die Hard) I have managed not to hate it and watch it several times. But this…ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…I feel dirty having watched it. There was even a couple of callbacks to Die Hard, (bad guy talking about cowboys with McClane; bad guy falls to his death in slow mo facing the camera grasping for life) which is outrageous.

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