Friday 26 July 2013

What is it with this fucking heat? I’ve tried not to complain about it too much because everyone else never complains about it not being sunny the other 11 months a year (I’ve underlined the sarcasm there) but it has been fucking uncomfortably hot.

This afternoon I ended up being (slightly) (verbally) aggressive to some men putting some roadworks in place. They had created a pedestrian walkway on one side of the road that was so ridiculously narrow that it was bordering on being administrative. It was a small-print sidewalk. And it had some thorns. I would rather have been on a carcation with Dom Joly.

I ended up shouting at the men, who were still building the roadworks, that they had done a really good job (you can’t underline speech so they probably took it at the first level of meaning) and suggested that they needn’t have bothered. To be fair to them they neither told me to fuck off nor asked me why I didn’t just walk down the other side of the road, which had no restricted access OR thorns.

I have blamed the hear but I guess there is a highly realistic chance that I am becoming Victor Meldrew.


I’ve practically caught up with Luther. I’ve started trying to walk more with both of my hands in my front pockets as a direct consequence.

I did eventually get past the narrow walkway of health-and-safety-gone-mad and picked up my parcel from the Post Office. The second beanie/bobble hat of the last couple of weeks. Not one to obey seasonal trends when it comes to headwear. Which brings me to a particularly anodyne annoyance: people on TV/radio describing the current HEATWAVE (© The Media) as unseasonably hot. It’s not unseasonably hot. It’s seasonably hot. The summer is meant to be hot. It’s perhaps unusual for it to be so hot for so long but the summer is meant to be hot. So fuck off.

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