Wednesday 24 July 2013

I thought it was time to freshen up the blog a bit. So, I’ve decided to introduce a soap opera to the schedule. Town Square Avenue is the perfect combination of sexy young vibrant TV-tainment and classic English drama in the tradition of Shakespeare, Eldorado and Albion Market.

Town Square Avenue is the ongoing story of a perfect cross section of modern Britain: from people who work in the fourteen different businesses operating on one small street – to the ‘business men’ operating around the edges of the law who between them own a nightclub, a restaurant, a members club, a garage, a snooker hall and a casino on the average British street that is TOWN SQUARE AVENUE!!! Without further hesitation, HERE IS EPISODE ONE:


EDDIE CHESS [casting note: CANNOT BE ASIAN] is stood at the bar of THE KING’S ARMS pub, the only pub on TOWN SQUARE AVENUE.

Eddie stands around for four or five minutes. He’s growing impatient at the lack of service but there are no outward signs of his impatience.

A mobile phone rings. EDDIE removes his phone (maybe an iPhone 4S?) from his pocket – he answers the phone.

Eddie Chess speaking [brief pause while he listens to the other person talking] No, I don’t want to answer a few questions. How did you get this number? If you must know I’m not Asian. [NB If only male Asians are available delete this last sentence.]

EDDIE puts the phone down, SHAKING HIS HEAD. He looks around for a member of staff but there is still no-one around. EDDIE takes a paper out and reads from the paper for 20 minutes. EDDIE gets off his stool – he SAT ON A STOOL earlier if I forgot to mention – and WALKS OUT OF THE PUB.


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