Tuesday 23 July 2013

Everybody who has seen the new Edgar Wright – Simon Pegg – Nick Frost film The World’s End has said how good it is, how enjoyable they found it. I in no way think that people say they like things, just because everyone else likes it. Well certainly not the people who have told me they liked it.

So why did I think it was so rubbish? I wanted it to be so good. I loved Spaced. I loved Shaun of The Dead. I lo…I really liked most of Hot Fuzz.

What Shaun’ was to zombie films and ‘Fuzz was to action films this was to sci-fi. Or that was the plan. The first two films did was bring the conventions, memes, cliches and narratives of the genres to quiet English suburbs with HILARIOUS results. TWE lacks that last crucial element. I barely laughed. I did laugh but it wasn’t often. I think one of the laughs was just because I hadn’t laughed for about 45 minutes and I was in danger of never laughing again if I didn’t laugh. And the few laughs the film itself did elicit were slapstick laughs, good ones but still.

I think the highpoint for me was recognising the girl from the start of Shaun of The Dead in the films opening scene. I don’t know about you but if the highlight of a film is recognising a cameo from someone who had a very small role in another film some years ago then it might be fair to call the film disappointing.

So why does everyone else like it so much? What was I missing? I don’t know. If there is one thing I am not it is everyone else.

My main reason – aside from it not being funny – was that Pegg’s main character was a wanker. Not an appealing and funny wanker. Just a wanker. An unlikeable person. I believe you were meant to forgive him because there one or two short bits of exposition where you found out a couple of things about him. I hate very brief serious thing in the middle of comedies – they’re just cop-outs that justify things that don’t really make sense. And I just didn’t buy all these people going out of their way to do this pub crawl with this guy.

And it didn’t make me laugh. I don’t know if I mentioned that.

But this is just my opinion. I’m glad lots of other people like it and it’s good that these nice and talented people are having success and reaching a wide audience.

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