Sunday 21 July 2013

There was a barbecue at the home of my partners’ parents. It was people from the church and I did want to make an appearance. But I am quite magnificently shy at times – especially when I feel I might not have much in common with people. And I was listening to the cricket on the radio.

Would god judge me for not attending a barbecue of church goers? Well if there is a god and he’s the Church of England god – it was a C of E gathering – then she/he would be fine with me not attending. Of all the gods then the C of E one is definitely the most laid back one, as long as everyone is relatively unevil the C of E god seems fine with most things.

If there is a god and it’s one of the other gods then she/he would be OK with me not attending a gathering of people with faith in another god. And if I am right there is no-one to get annoyed. The way I see it the worst case scenario is the first one and I have done something barely disrespectful to a god who is basically fine as long as I’m not killing people.

I’m not having a go at other gods but some of them seem a bit judgey. Can you imagine some of them finding out I’d missed a barbecue in their honour? You really don’t want to get on the wrong side of some gods – if their followers are to be believed.

I suppose the counter-argument might be that these over-emotional gods might be more likely to react to a prayer. C of E god probably doesn’t like showing off and so less likely to grant someone’ s prayer. If you made yourself into a bomb for C of E god then I imagine she/he’d be pretty ticked off at you for making a fuss, “virgins? you want virgins in heaven? Good luck – we’ve got some second-hand books and some puzzle books.”

Someone might have said I should just have sucked it up for an hour or so to be polite. And I would not call those people idiots. I don’t think they have tried living with my brain but they are not idiots.

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