Saturday 20 July 2013

I got to taken to London to see Book of Mormon for my birthday treat this weekend.

Before we went to see it we went to The National Portrait Gallery which is pretty brilliant. Representations of all these amazing people from British history. I got a bit preoccupied with the size of the hands on a lot of the old paintings. Either everyone used to have small hands or people used to paint hands as though they were small. I think it is probably the latter. But I’m not sure why that would be the case; why would people misrepresent the size of peoples’ hands?

I do hope this generation has more to offer people walking around TNPG in a hundred years. Surely something has gone wrong if in 2110 people are looking at 40ft canvases of John Bishop and him with the eyes.

I let myself down a little bit in the afternoon by getting annoyed by foreign students. I just felt a little xenophobic for a while. But there was a lot of annoying foreign students around Leicester Square, pushing in the queue in KFC – knocking everyone with their bags. Fortunately I was soon annoyed by the (lack of) manners of some English people and I remembered it was all people who fucking selfish mannerless bastards.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the creators of South Park and Team America: World Police (admittedly a surprise from the evidence of BASEketball) are capable of producing something (else) that is genius. And I wasn’t surprised that Book of Mormon was amazing. Intelligent, funny, scathing, understanding, absurd, truthful, respectful and utterly disrespectful.

It manages to parody religion, attack religion, explain religion and understand peoples’ need for religion. All while being balls-out hilarious and non-stop cavalcade, yes cavalcade, of great songs (with elements mocking modern musical theatre and shows such as Lion King). There were several songs that were funnier than entire careers of professional comedians. I seriously advise you see it if you get the opportunity.

Here I am outside the Prince of Wales theatre – that is me looking happy I assure you.


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