Monday 22 July 2013

If you’d had a baby today there’s a slight chance you might feel a bit overshadowed – because people seemed to care more about this toffo dropping a sprog than they did their own children.

One of the hardest things for everyone to accept in life is that people see the world in different ways; people have different standards; people have different beliefs; people are just not the fucking same.

No-one is above getting annoyed by people refusing to share their own ideologies. I am certainly not above it.

Today was heavy with the musk of royal offspring. I was getting annoyed with people fussing about it too much. A friend was annoyed at people repeatedly saying they weren’t interested in the whole thing. We were both right – and we were both wrong. Most people are simultaneously annoying a close friend and causing another close friend to think they share a brain when they state an opinion on anything.

This is why Chris Rock’s routine about party politics is so on the money. A lot of societies will be divided into two or three political parties. These three divisions will be supposed to cover all possible opinions on everything. Within each party people will be expected to agree on the opinions of the party on each issue. And it all just ends up with everyone just sniping at everyone’s opinion on everything and people not getting anywhere real well.

And that’s about important stuff. For me two people having a baby is not really something to get evil about. I don’t care for the royal family and everything it stands for. I tend to not have to go on about this a lot. And I think maybe if you’re going to take a day off hating then the birth of a baby might be that day. Of course people being mental on Facebook pushed me towards saying something (seriously – you’re fucking crying because someone you don’t know had a baby? The something is not balanced correctly and you should see someone about that). And some people feel so strongly against the royal family that they did want to make a point by saying this or that. As long as they aren’t smothering the kid with a cushion then fine.

I do think the coverage is over the top, though. Of course it is a self-perpetuating media construct. The royal family is romanticised by the mainstream media, lots of the public therefore hold them in esteem and want to know about them. So, the media are justified with pages and pages in the newspaper about people who haven’t even frigged themselves with a wine bottle.

And you get rolling TV news coverage of well-educated, experienced journalists speculating about what might be happening inside a nearby hospital and what colour hat the queen might wear the first time she meets the child. It did drag on a bit. At a point I’m sure most people were thinking, I wish she’d just get on with it and force a small person out of her vagina.

So, I think it was mainly bollocks. Some people thought it was a horrible thing that should be hated. It made some people happy and some people cry. But it’s probably OK that we didn’t all react the same and no-one should get too tangled up worrying about what other people think about their thoughts on something insignificant – but understand that people did get annoyed by the inescapable flood of non-news.

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