Monday 15 July 2013

Multi-millionaire Thom Yorke has blasted the music streaming service Spotify for paying new artists ‘rabbit’s tits’ and saying that young musicians may as well ‘throw a worn out cardigan at a tree’ as a means to become as rich as him.

I have no wish to defend Spotify –  I don’t use Spotify – but it strikes me as odd for Yorke to strike out at Spotify as though it’s the first thing to fuck musicians over in the history of music. Ever since someone shouted over hitting a rock against a wall then someone has been making more money out of music than the people making the noise.

Is the record selling industry somehow honourable? Or is it OK for someone like Yorke who has already made his millions. The fact Yorke has been on Spotify without checking his moral barometer was OK with everything suggests the Robin Hood of music should maybe check out things before using them for a while.

I’m sure it seems horrible when you see what people get paid per individual play on Spotify, but it gets peoples’ music heard. Like playing shitty little gigs on a supporting tour when the band make no money out of it but hope to impress the people there to see someone else. Get screwed over a bit at the start and then royally fuck over your fans with £65 tickets and £25 t-shirts when you make it.

It can seem pretty harsh on the people who don’t go on to bigger and better things, the more eclectic (shit) bands might not go on to the pay day. But they didn’t under any other system either.

People who own the major record labels (and use major record labels) don’t mind a massive mark-up on CDs etc. I find it hard to stomach anyone involved with big money music playing the integrity card. The Beatles got fucked over with their songwriting royalties, The Rolling Stones got fucked over, almost everyone in Motown got fucked over, most global pop sensations get a fraction of what they generate. It seems pompous of Yorke to attack something bringing music to people on an affordable level, especially as it does pay the artists.

That said I just wrote this without really thinking about this and I know nothing about the music industry and Thom Yorke knows a lot about it. Although this backs me up a bit.

I receive no money for writing this blog.

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