Tuesday 09 July 2013

People can blame anything on almost anything – the general exception is the overarching reason for most things being that most people are fucking plums.

It was suggested that a Ben Elton sitcom hadn’t survived past its first series because of the harsh criticisms it received on Twitter. The narrative of the story, more than just in the way then portrayed by The Guardian, is that Twitter bullied the sitcom away. Let’s examine this in a little more detail.

Firstly, Twitter is just a medium. True: it – as well as many internet based networks – gives people the opportunity to hide behind a username/avatar; this gives people the freedom to say things they wouldn’t dare say face-to-face; this generally includes being vile. But there isn’t a piece of software creating the words and attitudes. If there is hate on there it is person made. People are making the negativity – they also make a lot of positivity, which gets less publicity.

There was probably a LOT more people saying how shit the show was in conversations around water coolers (or wherever English people talk about these things – cotton mills?) that no-one knew anything about because it wasn’t captured for the BBC to find out about.

Secondly, it is made to sound like reacting to public opinion is a bad thing. Here we have a contradiction because the BBC sounding aggrieved at listening to public opinion seems a bit odd. But, as we know, the BBC would be right to ignore the general public as the general public are cretins. However, they get ratings for Mrs Brown’s Boys and don’t seemed to mind feeding the wants of cretins with that.

I’ve got sidetracked with hating the general public – again. The point I should have made was that the BBC is people as well. They DO work for a national institution, but they work there because they are – supposedly – qualified to make good television, and not listen to a few thousand people on Twitter. You can’t just blame Twitter for not sticking with a TV show. It’s just an excuse. Which leads me to my last point…

Thirdly, if a lot of people think something is pretty fucking shit then maybe it’s because it was pretty fucking shit. I’m not going to judge whether it was shit or not, I’m not interested in wasting 30 minutes of my life finding out something that definitely seemed like it was going to be shit was, indeed, shit. I am simply bringing it to the table that lots of people (not Twitter) thought something was really poor. People can’t be wrong about everything. They try but ultimately they fail and are occasionally right about something – quite often by complete chance.

So (on Twitter) some people were mean about a TV show, made by people,  and some people announced that they wouldn’t make any more of the TV show (and blamed Twitter). Twitter definitely seems to be at the root of all this evil. Just like Twitter s to blame when people bully people on there. Ban it now. 


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