Wednesday 12 June 2013

Do you remember when I talked about how not-having-quite-given-up-stopping-smoking-and-started-having-not-smoked-less (more?)-than I was had led to me thinking that a neighborhood woman’s dog had died?

Well, there is some great news. I have seen the woman with her dog again! And she wasn’t even carrying it in her old dog carrying uniform. She was walking it on a lead/leash. So the dog had clearly been ill, eventually had an operation and been recuperating all this time I thought it was dead. Or her dog did die, she’s grieved and now moved on by getting an almost identical dog.

Either way – it’s a feelgood story and one in the eye for people who say this blog is full of anger, moaning and below par  television commentary.

And – there is some more good news. There is a new cash machine in the locale. There is one right across the road but it’s a Link on that charges £1.85. Which doesn’t really bother me, the cost, because I don’t let myself in a position where I need cash at home (I don’t gamble on cock fighting in alleyways/buy drugs off people/roll around in piles of notes). It bothers me when I see people using it because half of the time they are getting out of a car to use it and there is a Natwest about a minutes drive away.

I know petrol is not as cheap as it used to be but I wager it’s worth people’s while to drive another 100 metres and not pay £1.85 to get their own money out. So even though I am kind of angry at the Link people for charge on their own money, as usual I am more just angry at people for being fucking morons.

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