Sunday 09 June 2013

You are now connected to Suresh Babu from

Me:I don’t want an item delivering the way you are delivering it.

Suresh Babu:Hello, my name is Suresh.

Thank you for contacting Could you confirm the name on your account, please?

Me:Philip Bridgehouse

Suresh Babu:Thanks, Philip.

I am sorry to know that you are having issues with your order. May I know the order number, please?

Me:# 026-9e9e-0352342

Suresh Babu:Thank you.

May I know the issue in detail, please?

Me:I have received an email saying it is being sent by a courier. I will not be around to sign for it. I want to cancel the order – there is no need for a £7 CD to be sent by courier. No previous CDs/DVDs have come this way on the Amazon Prime trial.

Suresh Babu:I have checked and see that the order is with DPD.

Me:Yes. That’s a courier. I don’t want it.

Suresh Babu:It was handed over to DPD today.

Me:You’re telling me what I already know.

Suresh Babu:You will not get charged for any delivery charges.

Me:I don’t want it. I DON’T WANT IT this way. I will not be here to sign for it so I CAN’T RECEIVE IT.

It is ridiculous to send it this way.

Suresh Babu:I can understand your concern, Philip.

Me:I don’t think you do.

Suresh Babu:Our system automatically assigns the carriers depending upon the location of fulfillmnet center and availability. We are unable to do that manually.

Me:I am going to start receiving texts and emails about being around to pick it up. I have no intention of being here. Wasting the time of DPD and meaning I don’t get my product.

Suresh Babu:If they are unable to deliver it to you, they will leave a callling card, please follow the instructions on the calling card to change the delivery to an alternative date, to arrange to collect the parcel from your local DPD depot or to authorise for your parcel to be left in a secure place of your choice.

Me:NO previous small items have come this way.

Suresh Babu:You can also contact DPD directly on the following number: 0844 556 0560 quoting tracking ID: 5333dd5963

Me:You don’t understand: I am not spending my time sorting this ridiculous mess out. I shall simply cancel my account with Amazon and shop elsewhere.

Suresh Babu:I can understand your concern.

Me:You can’t. It is clear you cannot.

Suresh Babu:I am trying my best to sort it out for you.

Me:You aren’t – you are trying to get me to sort it out for me.

I am not sorting it out.

Suresh Babu:Once the item is dispatched, we will send you the confirmation email within 24 hrs.

Me:Why are you telling me this?

Suresh Babu:Just get back to us once you receive it.

No problem.

I will contact DPD on your behalf.

Shall I ask the DPD to leave your item in a secure place in your home surroundings.

Me:No you won’t. I don’t want that. I want it posting in my postbox.

Suresh Babu:Okay, fine.

I will contact DPD now and instruct them to deliver it in your post box.

DPD will delilver it in your post box.

No need to sign for it.

Will that help, Philip?

Me:If this happens it will be great. And that would help a great deal.

Suresh Babu:Sure, Philip.

I assure you that it will be delivered in your post box.

Me:Thank you.

Suresh Babu:May I place the chat on hold for 2-3 minutes while I contact DPD and instruct them to deliver it in your postbox, please?


Suresh Babu:Thank you for waiting.

I have contacted DPD and instructed them to deliver your order in your postbox.

Now, there is no need to sign for it.

Me:Many thanks Suresh – I appreciate your help on this matter.

Suresh Babu:You are welcome.

It is my pleasure assisting you, Philip.

Is there any thing else I can help you with, today?

Me:No that will be all. Have a nice day.

Suresh Babu:Have a nice day, Philip.

Thank you.

We hope to see you again soon. Please click the “end chat” link to close this window.

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