Sunday 02 June 2013


I am still stuck in the middle of Florence with the world’s foremost symbologist Doctor Professor Robert Langdon on his latest historical symbol based romp. If I had been on holiday I would have finished this in a day. This is what happens when you are reading a poorly written book when you’re not on holiday: you don’t read it that often.

Langdon has still failed to mention his previous adventures at any stage. Choosing to reminisce about previous visits to Florence and recall lectures he has given on Dante’s Divine Comedy rather than say to his companion, “this is the fourth time something like this has happened to me – I don’t have time to really get into it being quite the coincidence but I just thought I would say something because to not remark on it would be strange to someone reading about this who knew I knew about these other things.”

[I did consider that this might be set before all the other books but he mentions Kindles and iPhones so I don’t think it can be.]

The irony this time is that Doctor Professor Langdon probably already knows the answer to the riddle he is trying to solve. But despite having his EIDETIC memory, a head injury has given him temporary amnesia – covering only the period where he (probably) solved the riddle already.

I trust Lango to come through with the goods (shortly) before the end, like. He’s a pure good egg.


Arrested Development did kind of pick up in the second half y’know. Still, despite having many features of the old Arrested Development it was a different show really. And not just because of the separation of all the characters and stories, they changed Michael Bluth’s character too. Michael Bluth’s character was kind of central to how all the other characters behaved. People don’t look so crazy (and crazy is funny, right?) if they aren’t juxtaposed (ping!) with someone normal and moral at the heart of it.

I also finally got around to seeing Sightseers. Which I somehow missed at the cinema and then balked at paying £16 for on Blu Ray.  £14.20 was just fine and acceptable, a bargain even. It’s about as near as British cinema gets to a road trip film* and is about a slightly oddball couple who go on a caravanning holiday to places like pencil museums and intermittently deal with problems by killing people. Shit..SPOILER ALERT… too late. Anyway, it’s a grand wee film.

Yeah: I said ‘grand wee’, wanna make something of it?

*The last one I remember is the Martin Clunes vehicle, yeah someone thought that was an idea they shouldn’t dismiss immediately, StaggeredSightseers is at least 900% better than Staggered, which I still watched at least twice.


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