Monday 03 June 2013


The latest group to hammer me with missed calls – yet refusing to leave a voicemail to explain who it is – are The Labour Party. [I am a member and must have given my phone number to them and not ticked a box which said about being contacted. So, it’s not quite cold calling I’ll concede.]

I did answer one of the calls. I was on a bus at the time, travelling home from football. I asked the chap if he’d be a good egg and call me back when it was convenient. He asked when would it be more convenient. An hour would be good for me if it was OK for him, I replied. He rang back a minute later. I shall not be answering the calls again.

I still won’t be joining UKIP though. Or voting for someone else because these phone calls haven’t been handled exactly as I would prefer it. That said I am nearer leaving the party and not voting for them after this than I was after the whole ‘lying about weapons of mass destruction’ thing that turned a lot of people’s heads a few years back. Voting Libdem really went well for everyone.

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