Friday 31 May 2013

People discovering things is still amazing. Some things were easy to discover: chocolate being poisonous to lots of different animals. Some guy gives chocolate to a dog, it dies. Woaaah. Double-checks a time or two more. Conclusion: chocolate is poisonous to dogs – tell everyone about the new discovery. Some dead horses later, and we know chocolate is poisonous to horses too.

But not every discovery was about how chocolate poisons animals. Some are way more amazing. “Hey look at that plant. I’m going to take some of its leaves home, dry them out, then pour some boiling water over them and see what that’s like. And if it’s a bit too strong a taste or this new discovery requires some cooling I am going to take a cow and take some of the liquid it produces to feed its young and pour that in. That will sort it.”

But people have been discovering and inventing things for years…get something new to impress me with. How about uninventing something? Can you imagine how amazed everyone would be  if some man or woman uninvented television or cars?

“Do you remember back when we had cars to get places? It was a lot better wasn’t it? Why did Negative-Ford uninvent the mass production of cars meaning that there are no longer more than about 30 cars on the roads and they are all owned by the richest people in the land?”

“I don’t know – I think it was an accident; he left a slice of mould on an iPod in a car or something and when he went back the next day all the cars in the world – and how to make them – had been uninvented.”

That’s the kind of conversation that might be happening should all this uninventing be invented by someone. Typical human race: they would uninvent good things like cars and shoes that people like – rather than uninvent stupid games on Facebook, Michale McIntyre or thinking there is something in the corner of your field of vision where there isn’t something. Why not uninvent them?

I’m not saying let’s give up on inventing new things all together; just that uninventing a few things might work out for us all.

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