Thursday 30 May 2013

I feel terrible writing today’s entry – as it is more of a confession of poor behaviour, wanton disregard for others.

I had a ticket for the world premiere of Shane Meadows’ documentary about The Stone Roses, Made of Stone. I fully intended to treat going to treat the night as something nothing like going to watch a film. And why would someone ruin it for other people by sitting in silence watching the film? Unfortunately, dear reader, that is precisely what I ended up doing.

I had gone with a lad from work. He was driving so at least he had an excuse just to have a couple of bottles of lager ahead of the screening. What was my excuse for only having a small amount of alcohol, rendering me completely sober? Well maybe I just thought: fuck it, it’s a Thursday night, work has been quiet this week – maybe I’ll just not have loads to drink and enjoy the film without being pissed and annoying as fuck. I know, writing that down makes me realise what a prick I can be.

And so it came to be that despite being surrounded by conscientious people talking all the way through the film I didn’t say anything from the start until the end. I wasn’t the only one of course, there were some other people as brazenly quiet as me. However the contrast was stark between the two women in front of me – not looking at the screen and talking loudly throughout as a sign of respect to the film – and myself, staring silently at the images on the screen and listening to the sounds that accompanied them.

There were a couple of times when other silent idiots tried to initiate them drun talkers  into their silent, motionless partying. I knew what those talking must have thought when they saw me and my friend watching the film in silence: “Why have those two bothered to pay £25 to be here if they are just going to sit here in silence rather than having a really loud pissed up conversation that they could be having anywhere – and certainly somewhere more appropriate than the screening of a film?” And they would be right to think that.

I was quite proud of the people sat behind me towards the end. There was a couple to my left,  they were also ruining it for people by being unnecessarily quiet. The idiot woman turned round and with malicious manners asked them – without a slur of having drank too much – if they could just be a little quieter as she was having trouble hearing the film at times. The dick! The two women she spoke to reacted with the dignity our silence could not manage – they did loud shushing noises for the last twenty minutes of the film. It reminded me of one of those t-shirts: Stay calm and be a fucking immature twat.

Because of the embarrassing way I behaved I am ashamed to be able to say that I remember all the film and can say that it is very good. If you like The Stone Roses then you will like the film. I just wish I could go back and watch it with the wreckless abandon that so many people had the respect to do on this occasion. My head is hung in shame.

The band did appear ahead of the screening. Thankfully I am just getting used to a new camera and was able to get this shot of them.

The band did appear ahead of the screening. Thankfully I am just getting used to a new camera and was able to get this shot of them.

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