Tuesday 28 May 2013

I’ve been a little bit underwhelmed by the return of Arrested Development but a combination of being snobbish and apprehensive about saying anything along those lines as everyone has been so excited about its return. It’s a bit like not enjoying your first swingers’ party (I imagine). You’ve waited for it for so long but then you get to experience it and it’s not everything you hoped it would be. But you don’t want to say anything to bad in case your negativity is seen as a reason not to do it again.

And of course snobbish because you don’t want to be the person saying something is not that good. It’s not even that bad – it’s just not what I hoped it would be. I had only hoped it would be Arrested Development to be fair. It’s not really quite what it was though. It was an amazing ensemble of comedy actors performing an incredibly well written script. These new episodes, financed by the internet streamers Netflix, each focus on one of the cast rather than each of their storylines progressing through the series. It’s all very clever how it’s been done. I just preferred it how it was.

Aw, I feel bad now. It’s really not not-that-not-bad, it’s still better than everything else at the moment (apart from a couple of shows which, to  be fair, it is not better than).

I am quite in favour of the model though. As attached as I am to the historical model of a TV show being broadcast on  a weekly basis, there’s nothing quite like tearing your way through a series of a TV show in an unhealthily compressed period. Licking the methodone of ‘just one more’ West Wing at four in the morning with work a few hours away was my entrance into this eye-suffocation sensory overload model of watching a TV show. The DVD box set is to blame, you never got this with video box sets.

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