Sunday 26 May 2013

I don’t feel incredibly English at times; sadly I am quite English all the time (inner rage, aversion t o confrontation, likely to maintain a hairstyle for extended period of time). A new added pebble on the beach of my manners is remaining ‘friends’ with people I don’t actually know on social networks – rather than cease a friendship that they wouldn’t even realise had ceased.

One person I follow on Twitter today tweeted: Patronising middle class people in the grocers “what kind of potatos are tasty for lunch?”. I’m all for having a class-based-chip on your shoulder* but something like this just confuses me (and that was a copy and paste, I know how to spell potatoes). How is it patronising to ask what kind of potatoes they should have for lunch?

The only way I could way I could see it being patronising was if the middle-class people were well known potato experts who made a scene out of asking greengrocers, who they knew didn’t know as much as them about potatoes, what kind of potatoes the potato-stupid (it’s a phrase) greengrocers would advise the middle-class potato experts to have for lunch. That probably is what happened. Middle-class bastards.

The next tweet by the person read, “Good work that there were no EDL at a mosque.” I’m not sure how that observation entails any ‘good work’. I don’t want anyone causing any problems in places but an absence of them doesn’t necessarily mean some good work is happening.

Ironically a presence of EDL at a mosque provided the feelgood story of the recent idiotic aftermath of  hate spunked up by the far-right after the murder of a soldier.  People in a York mosque offered anti-Islam protesters tea and biscuits, conversation and a game of football to engage with the misguided idiots. It’s amazing what people can learn by having a chat with each other and voicing their concerns in a controlled way rather than throwing things at people (wearing balaclavas).

*I’m not really. A lot of people have made this assumption because I am working class and they aren’t but would prefer it if they were. I really don’t have a problem with people having been brought up in a financially and socially different way from me.

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